Friday, March 16, 2012

Rutgers (college) Spying Verdict

Dharun Ravi, a former Rutgers University student accused of spying on and intimidating his gay roommate,was found guilty Friday on charges of invasion of privacy, but jurors found him not guilty on several charges of bias intimidation. Ravi, 20, had been on trial on a 15-count indictment that included charges of bias intimidation, invasion of privacy, tampering with physical evidence, witness tampering, and hindering apprehension. His roommate, Tyler Clementi, an 18-yr old freshman, killed himself in September 2010 by jumping off the George Washington Bridge, which spans the Hudson River between New York and New Jersey, after learning that Ravi had secretly spied on his sexual encounter with another man. Clementi's death stirred discussion about bullying, with Obama releasing a videotaped message less than a month later condemning it. A few months later, New Jersey legislators enacted stricter laws to better protect against bullying in schools. The most serious charges at Rutgers case centered on whether Ravi's actions had constituted bias intimidation, meaning that he was motivated to inspire fear in the Ridgewood, New Jersey, native b/c of his sexual orientation. Those charges carry jail time of up to 10 yrs and possibly deportation back to his native India. Prosecutors have said that Ravi has tried to embarrass Clementi b/c he was gay."These acts were purposeful, they were intentional, and they were planned, prosecutor Julia McClure told the jury on the 1st day of trial. Ravi "was bothered by Tyler's sex orientation." she later said more bluntly. Ravi's attorneys have argued that their client acted thoughtlessly, portraying him as an immature college student who made a mistake, and that his actions were not based on homophobia. "He hasn't lived long enough to have any experience homosexuality or gays," said attorney Steven Altman inclosing arguments earlier this week. "He doesn't know anything about it. He just graduated high school." Ravi and fellow classmate Molly Wei-- who admitted joining Ravi to watch the surreptitious webcam encounter, which others were charged in the wake of Tyler's suicide. They were not, however, charged directly for his death. Facing 2 counts of invasion of privacy, Wei reached a plea deal in May 2011 that required her testify against her friend and former high school classmate, as well as to complete a 3 year program on cyber bullying and do 300 hour of community service.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Whats up bloggers!! This is my 1st post, so it'll be pretty boring in my opinion about the iPhone 4s. Try to enjoy if you can.

*The iPhone 4s caught many people by surprise, with Apple expected to release the "iPhone 5", but instead we got an iphone 4. To me, this phone is just a waste of money. I don't understand why people would want an iPhone 4s, because some people could be having problems with it, and I'm sure the "voice" on the iPhone doesn't really do everything like it says in the commercials. Anyway,while the people were initially disappointed, the iPhone 4s features a bunch of top-end tech junk that is designed to put it on par with the likes of the Samsung Galaxy S2, but does it really manage to do that?! To me, NO!!
No matter how many iPhones they wanna try and make, they'll never compare to Verizon Wireless phones. So they wanted to make changes, such as upgrading the camera to 8MP, or upgrading on the documents. They also try to make it as 7 times faster, increasing in graphical processing power. The iPhone 4s is almost identical in outward design to the iPhone 4, which might make those that like to show they've got the most up to date device from Apple when out and about with friends. However, the flip side of this is like the majority of iPhone 4 covers were on the market at the moment,will still fit.Apple slightly changed the design of the iPhone 4s somewhat though by changing to a dual-band aerial design, making sure it doesn't encounter an embarrassing of antenna-gate we had to endure with the iPhone 4. As you can see, Apple has altered the antenna band technology to move the gaps that plagued the iPhone 4's reception to a less-touchable location. So, to sum it all up in my own words, the iPhone 4 AND 4s are a waste of your alls time and money. Trying to buy an iPhone 4s is like trying to jump the grand canyon on a bike, because its expensive as heck and expensive to get into/out of a hospital from the injuries. Look, the point is just don't go out and waste your time and money on a piece of junk like that. you can get a Verizon Wireless phone for like $50(an old phone) instead of a $200 piece of crap that will break or get damaged somehow. So, please just listen to my warning. IF YOU GET THE IPHONE 4 OR 4S, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED. Thanks for reading my first blog!! More will be better!!!!!